The Black Pearl, New Brighton

The Black Peal

New Brighton, CH45 1NX

Tourist attraction

Price: Free

Six years ago, a New Brighton resident was walking along the beach, picked up a piece of driftwood and stuck it in the ground. "What are you making?" His friend asked, and a little voice called out "can you make a pirate ship?" ... and the Black Pearl was erected. A community project which has been added to and maintained by locals over the years!

It's like a piece of art, and a great place for kids to let their imagination run wild! Even for 1 years old, it's a sensory experience with rope, a well made deck to toddle along and explore with a steering wheel, treasure chest and flags blowing in the wind.

It sits on a sandy beach with views of Liverpool. Watch the ferries passing by with an ice cream from cafe creme. Theres lots to do around including a lighthouse to visit, a fairy garden in Vale park or let the kids burn off some energy on the promenade, perfect for scooters or bikes.

Does it sound like somewhere your kids would enjoy?

Lauren x