Our miserable sleep training attempt

How do you get a baby to sleep in their own cot? (No this isn't a joke)


Emlyn is 8 months old now and still sleeps in my bed. There are a few reasons we are trying to get him into his own bed but the main one is for his safety: he's starting to crawl!

The other reasons are: Robs currently in the spare room which obviously isn't a long term fix, I'm breastfeeding and apparently babies can wake more often if they can smell your milk and I'm going back to work soon and need some sleep. Yes, I know it's normal for babies to wake in the night, but this is an example of the average night at the moment (a good night is 5 wake ups)


I'm exhausted! And yes I know that's normal for a mum too! but I'm exhausted to the point where I've been going dizzy the last few days so it's now a case of trying to get Emlyn into his own room for the good of my health but also to benefit the whole family:

  • In his own room he will be less disturbed and sleep better
  • I will have more energy to take him more places in the day
  • We can spend more time together as a family at the weekend instead of tag teaming to get some rest before the week ahead. 

But how the f**k do you do it? 

We tried for 3 hours last night (during that time he slept for 27 minutes) and nap time today looked like this:

  • Sleeping bag on
  • Milk feed
  • Story
  • Rocked him until drowsy
  • Put him in his cot - shushed and patted his bum with Ollie the owl on
  • Cue - complete meltdown
  • Picked him up, repeated steps above

1 hour 10 minutes later - husband took over trying to rock him to sleep, 1 hour 25 minutes later put him in my bed. 

He settles in my bed sometimes by himself, sometimes a pat of the bum and shushing.

Any advice much appreciated.

** EDIT: This was written yesterday. This morning he had 20 mins playtime in his cot when he woke up and he has just had his full 45 minute morning nap IN HIS COT!!!!! it did take this...


 ... but progress is progress right??

Lauren x