6 week old struggles

I'm about this close (holds finger a single cells width from thumb) to losing my marbles. Breastfeeding is hard!! … painful, daily struggles feeding out in public but also mentally tough! Am I doing it right? am i producing enough? can i eat this?


Emlyn is 6 weeks old and bless his heart, he's been really distressed at night and occasionally during the day. Today has been non stop cries so far unless he's sleeping, he has been like this for over 2 weeks now. 

In that time I've seen a midwife, a health visitor, 2 Drs and attended a breastfeeding support group. The support group are hands down the only thing keeping me from throwing in the breastfeeding towel at the moment.

Imagine feeding your baby, knowing the milk you produce is what's helping your baby grow and essentially survive. Imagine trying to feed your baby and ok not every time, but sometimes he pulls away and cries, then latches back on whilst grunting with frustration over and over for 20 minutes (if I'm lucky). Imagine doing that at least 10 times a day, then imagine doing it whilst sleep deprived and not knowing what the hell is wrong. I'm genuinely gutted and feel like a failure, how can I not feel like that (ok this sounds deeper than I intended).

So far, I've been told it could be: 

  • My milk quality and I need to eat more, particularly protein

  • Silent reflux which he was given gaviscone for, which made him constipated so then started ranitidine 3 days ago which has so far done nothing

  • He's got a lactose intolerance - I've not eaten dairy for a week now no difference

  • Colic

His symptoms are: 

  • Being in distress at night, grunting, kicking his legs, seeming uncomfortable

  • Seems fine if upright (hard to do at night time)

  • Fussy when feeding which then turns to crying and gets increasingly more stressed

  • Not liking being on his back for too long

  • Peeing and pooing fine, gaining weight.

We have tried him on a bottle, my husband thinks he gets just as stessed with that. 

I'm at my wits end, I will literally do ANYTHING to stop my baby being in such discomfort... tell me to stand on my head whilst flipping a pancake and painting my toenails and il try ... 

Any thoughts??  

Lauren x