5 newborn must haves

I wish I had spent just a little time researching 'newborn musthaves' in my 9 months of pregnancy. Instead, I made to many impulse buys resulting in a small fortune being thrown down the drain.

Here are my 5 newborn must haves to make those first few weeks that little bit easier:

1. The Shnuggle Bath:

As a first time mum, bathing a baby was something I was most nervous about. Considering I don't think I'd even held a baby for longer than 30 seconds, the thought of a slippery baby above water filled me with anxiety.  

The shnuggle bath has a little ramp helping to keep the baby upright making bath time more enjoyable for both of us. 


2. Mumba nursing bra:

New mums have enough to worry about without having the added stress of wondering where and when they are going to feed their babies or worrying about what others might think of them. I was one of the mums who was nervous about feeding in public. I'm not sure why, whether it was the fear of being judged or just being out of my comfort zone.

The Mumba bra gives me the comfort and security I need to not feel exposed when feeding. Most nursing bras, when unclipped leave the top part of your breast exposed, Mumba Bras have a piece of fabric covering the top of my breast providing me with peace of mind that my whole boob isn't on show and allowing me to discreetly feed my baby.

I love this bright purple one, Emlyn seems fascinated by the zigzag pattern covering the breast and they are honestly the comfiest nursing bras I have tried. The stretchy, soft material gives it a luxurious feel and when your are breastfeeding 10-12 times a day, sore and tired, why settle for anything less.


3. Cozee Bedside crib 

I started off with a rocking crib, which Emlyn couldn't settle in and being all arms, would throw his arms around hitting the hard wooden sides which would then wake him up. He then slept in his carrycot placed on a Moses basket stand for a few weeks which I knew couldn't be a permanent fix but worked for the time being.

I loved the idea of co-sleeping but being the biggest worrier in the world, couldn't allow myself to do it despite my health visitor showing me how to do it safely.

The beside me crib is the next best thing. It has a great mattress, soft sides, I can easily settle him giving him a tummy rub, he feels closer to me and I sleep better knowing he is safe. 


4. Tommee tippee nappy bin

I remember reading in a magazine, "keep your babies changing station upstairs, that way every time he needs a nappy change you will burn more calories climbing the stairs" ... Sod that! Emlyn pees and poops about 10 times a day, I'm shattered and burning calories is the last thing on your mind when I feel like I'm wasting away. 

The tommy tippee nappy bin saves me having to walk those extra steps. Yes that's lazy, but if I have an excuse to be lazy, now is the time!

I actually have 2, one in the lounge for daytime changes and one upstairs for night time, you pop the nappy in and spin the lid to seal stopping any smells escaping.

Keep an eye out for the offer, I bought mine from Mothercare for £10. 


 5. GLTC Storage:

Not a must have but makes life with a  newborn a lot more organised.

This is the rackham storage tray and rackham toy storage slotted together. Being someone that hates things out (I realise this will soon have to change) it satisfies my OCD keeping everything organised. 

As he grows, I will be able to use the bottom section for toy storage and the top bit for books or stationary for arts and crafts.  


Still researching:

I'm still on the lookout for a baby sling. I have a cloth/bandage style one which really snuggles Emlyn into my body which settles him. Not trusting myself, I never feel like he's fully secure in it. I fear the knot coming undone mid walk or tying it too loose and him slipping out of the bottom. 

I also have the Mamia sling. After a few practices it's easy to get on, comfy but has little head support. With a nosey baby I'm forever having to support his head. 

Let me know your suggestions for a baby sling that's cosy, safe and has a good head support. Slings really are a must have, it's the only way I get anything done.


Lauren x