Babies hospital bag

In 2 days I will be 34 weeks pregnant and after watching my 739th YouTube video on 'baby's hospital bag' I've finally packed our own little boys bag. I don't think it's excessive (definitely not as excessive as some) maybe the only thing I have overpacked is baby clothes as I'm taking both newborn and 0-3month size to be safe. 

So here's what I've packed 

  • Car seat: this isn't packed yet but OMG I need to remember it: at what point does it no longer look wierd to have it at my front door ready to go?

  • Baby blanket (cellular and a fleecy one for the journey home)

  • Baby towel (do I need this? UK?)

  • A pack of newborn nappies

  • Baby wipes & cotton wool

  • Muslin cloths

  • A bottle and ready made formula just incase I can't breast feed

  • 2 x newborn outfits (babygrow, vest and hat)

  • 2 x 0-3 month outfits

  • Cardigan (one of each size)

  • Going home outfit (one in each size)

For me (no photos because my clothes aren't almost as near cute as babies), I've packed:

  • My hospital notes (or will do, Lauren don't forget!)

  • 2 nighties that can be buttoned up (easy breast access)

  • A dressing gown

  • A fluffy pillow (home comforts)

  • Some slipper socks & flip flops (fashion is out of the window - purely practical so I can wear the flip flops in the shower)

  • High waisted knickers (I bought these delicious things off Amazon here)

  • A nursing bra (seriously the most comfortable things ever! I'm not sure I will ever go back to underwired bras even if I have spaniel ear breasts)

  • To go home in iv packed 2 comfy outfits: high waist leggings, strappy top and a denim shirt and loose joggers, v-neck tshirt and jumper (hopefully I won't have to stay in but might end up using both)

  • Toiletries: your usual toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner (no plans to wash my hair), shower gel, flannel, face wash, lip balm, moisturiser etc)

  • Maternity pads (yuk)

  • Phone charger, spare change, maybe my camera (if I have chance to pack it)

  • Breast pads and nipple balm

  • Snacks: crisps, sweets, cereal bars and my SIL suggested frozen capri-suns (nothing worse than a warm drink when you are parched)


This one is Mothercare newborn size and looks a bit small, but it's my favourite and so SO soft so it's GOT to come! even if there is a chance babies legs will be too long and it won't fit.


This one's also newborn size from boots but an inch or two longer so ... hopefully it has more chance of fitting.


And his going home outfit with the cutest cardi with bear ears from M&S 💜 

His other cardi is handknitted by my gran which I LOVE!! Doesn't it make it that extra bit special when it's made by a family member? 


The 0-3 month clothes just don't look as cute. I really hope he fits into his newborn, even if only for a few days. Only time will tell! 

OK, I will post one picture of what i've packed, just because I look so rediculous it's funny. I think it's safe to say the sock and flip flop combo will be the least of my worries.


Also, this may seem a bit OTT but let me explain ...

In a few of the youtube videos I have seen, the mum to be's have put their baby outfits in zip-lock bags as I have below. The reason for this is:

  • Hospital aren't the cleanest places so in the bag, clothes are safe for the time being.

  • If baby needs changing, clothes can go back into a bag without getting everything else dirty.

  • But mostly, It's been me that has packed and unpacked and packed (and unpacked and packed) the hospital bag, I know what's in it but Rob won't have a clue. If, god forbid, I have to have a C-section or an epidural, Rob will be able to just pick a bag out and have everything he needs (a hat, a vest, a sleepsuit) without me saying "not that, that's not a vest" "that's the wrong size" or "that's for going home in"and both of us getting frustrated.


Let me know if you think i've missed anything. Did any of you pack anything for your husband and anything to keep him entertained if my grunting doesn't suffice?

Lauren x