Week 27 and the addiction to buying baby clothes is real!

I'm officially addicted to buying baby clothes... they are just so cute!!!! I've bought mostly 0-3 months and only 7 newborn sleepsuits after reading that sometimes, babies grow out of newborn size within a week or never even fit into them. 

Question- did you take just newborn sizes to the hospital? Or 0-3 months aswell?  

Soooooo many questions have been popping through my head lately so I might just pop them on here for anybody that might be able to answer. Like: 

Q. How many baby bottles do you take to the hospital with you? Or how did you sterilise your bottle between feeds if you just took 1? 


What do you keep a dummy in? Do you just put it in your bag? or do you have a special case to keep it sterile?  

Anyway, here are my favourite recent purchases. 3 will come to the hospital with us but it's soooooo hard to pick. Let me know your favourites:


This lamb and duck sleepsuit from Mothercare is my number 1 at the moment for 'baby's first outfit' it's so soft and cuddle and looks the easiest to fasten. Mothercares newborn sizes look the smallest so far too so I want to get the most use out of it possible.


This is one of the first babygrows I bought. A classic colour neutral number from boots with an m&s blue cardy and little booties my sister bought me.


How cute are these shorts!!! Both from GAP in hope of some warm weather this summer.


I couldn't leave these on the shelf at H&M and LOVE the hat. This could be a coming home outfit? Iv bought it in 0-1months but wish I'd bought it in a bigger size because it's footless and will have to have socks which leads me to another question:

Q: Do babies need booties for when they have outfits like this and are outside? Seems odd just taking them out in socks. 


I posted this one a while back but it's still a favourite because of those pants! Also from H&M and in size 0-3months for when we are hopefully out and about a bit more showing him off.


These little summer pants and 'I'm new here' top are from Matalan! So cheap and great quality. I also bought the cutest little summer hat which I will try and remember to post.

Q: How long after birth was it until you felt like going on days out?

I think I now need to avoid anywhere that sells baby clothes ... or just close my eyes through the baby section. I know sleepsuits are the most practical but surely extra cute outfits just help to put a smile on your face on days you feel a bit yuk!?

Let me know which are your favourites, I can always start buying size 3-6months 😂