Good job mama!

What an exhausting time of year! Is it something about the dark evenings that make us exhausted? Even pre-baby, I would always feel wiped out in the run up to Christmas. Maybe it's the excitement tiring us out, our minds in overdrive planning Christmas day or shopping lists or even the sugar crash of too many festive treats.

Well, with a baby exhaustion has hit a new level! The 4 month sleep regression plus a cold has had Emlyn up sometimes every half an hour! and for the first time in my life, I find myself with a list of gifts I still need to buy the last week before Christmas (I'm usually done by the end of November). 

So to all the mums maybe struggling or wondering where the hell the days have gone....  A mum friend sent me a video with the following ...

"What do new mums do all day?

You might get yourself fed or dressed ... then again - you might not (and this is OK)

You might start a load of laundry, that you might not finish

You might feel like you are getting "nothing" done 

You are simply responding: 

  • To tears.

  • Hunger cues

  • Smiles

  • You are teaching your baby how to navigate this new world

  • You are growing a family

  • You are creating a foundation of love and trust

  • You are becoming a mother

It all started with pregnancy and continues beyond birth. Your baby is growing and so are you! So if you are wondering where the day has gone, take a deep breath:

There is no greater task than the "nothing" you did today!  

and when the hard part fades, you realise "nothing" was actually everything and you'll be left with this love that is yours to keep ... you've got this!"