Why we chose The Lakes Distillery

Two years ago, we chose to be Founders Members of the Lakes Distillery...

Lake Distillery whisky

With the distillery being new, we knew that we wouldn't be able to taste the whisky for 3 years (whisky can only be called whisky after it's been left in a cask for a minimum of 3 years). So why did we pick to be members?

The Lakes Distillery

We have visited a number of distilleries, 19 in total in a couple of years, we can tell you step by step how to make whisky, could probably do it ourselves with out eyes closed if we could afford the beautiful but very expensive equipment. When we visited the Lakes Distillery, we loved the passion in it's staff, liked the sound of the tasting notes in the whisky and hearing about how the distillery came to life using the beautiful old buildings that were once part of a farm.

The Lakes Distillery has already won many award including best smaller scale visitors centre, awards for the tasting experience at the distillery and it's gin is currently top selling premium gin in the North East. Being a whisky drinker, I don't tend pick gin but 'The one' is now up there with my favourite whiskies because of its clean, crisp taste finish. In fact it's that good, they recommend drinking it straight over ice.

The Lakes Distillery Gin

The Lakes Distillery really is a  'dream come true' whether you are a whisky, gin or vodka enthusiast, they do it all! The visitors centre has a Michelin quality bistro/restaurant, a small walk down to it's water source with beautiful views and alpacas which are a great sight. 


Lakes Distillery water source

Whilst renovating the old farm buildings, the builders found quatrefoilds embedded in the walls. A quatrefoil is the celtic symbol for faith, hope, luck and love which has now become a lovely symbol of the distillery.

The quatrefoil

I LOVE the lake district - the scenery, it's natural beauty, and now because of this distillery!

For more information on The Lakes Distillery click here

What does a founders membership include?

  • We receive a bottle of The Lakes whisky each year for 10 years drawn from one of the very first casks.
  • We also receive a miniature each year, which is great for us being limited edition whisky collectors because we get to keep our full bottle, but still taste how the whisky is developing.
  • Free tours for life - thank god it's one of the best distilleries out there.
  • Discounts in the shop (or online)
  • Invitations to our annual Founders' Day celebration and events throughout the year.
  • Our name engraved onto the Founders' Plaque in the warehouse.