Pontysyllte Aquaduct

Don't you just love a spontaneous day out? This morning we headed to Llangollen to walk across the aquadact but little did we know there would be so much to see and we would feel a million miles away.



The sun shining meant I got to get my new camera out to take pictures of the lovely views whilst my legs shook 38m above the ground with little room for two to pass.

upload (1).jpg
upload (2).jpg

Not sure if this was a little money making scheme for fools (like me) but apparently bread is bad for ducks!???? They were selling little bags of corn and despite the ducks having week old babies and being surrounded by canal boats almost squishing them against the side of the canal (true story - my husband and two men pushed a boat away from the side to save a little duckling from getting squashed), they were so friendly! And fed straight from your hand. Cute!!

upload (3).jpg
upload (4).jpg

We stumbled along sweetie boats and boat cafes and daydreamed for a minute or two about a canal boat holiday, then realised I would probably actually hate it and much prefer to look or walk beside them.

upload (5).jpg
upload (6).jpg

Next time you are around Llangollen, even if you are scared of heights (like my dog) check it out! The views are fantastic and well worth it!

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