Our wedding at Saughton Hall

I can't believe its been 2 years since we got married!! The magical day still feels like yesterday. I think that's what happens when you have the best day of your life - you can relive it in your head over and over.


As a child, my parents would take me & my sisters for lunch at the restaurant next to Saughton Hall. When I was 12, on my for lunch with my parents driving down the long drive towards Saughton Hall, I told my mum quite confidently ....  "When I'm older, I'm going to get married here!"


Newly engaged we obviously looked around a few wedding venues but nowhere gave me the butterflies of excitement like Saughton Hall did. Full of charm and character, the house is a must see! The large marquee at the back perfect for a summer wedding and the individually designed unique bedrooms fit for a king (literally! As well as Pavarotti and Michael Jackson).


I had the pleasure of getting ready at Saughton Hall, which I think made me even more excited about the day ahead. By the time I got to the church, mine and my dads legs had turned to jelly despite a couple of whiskies to try and calm our nerves. Little did I know, the nerves had hit my non-emotional husband more - I still to this day don't know if he really was crying at the thought of being married to me like some had suggested.


Luckily our vicar was relaxed and absolutely lovely. My dad was trying to slow down my walking when I saw Rob upset but I was off up the isle for a hug. 


The church we got married in is absolutely stunning! I was thankfully christened in Mold Church and my gran insisted on paying the marriage fees. Having lived in Mold for years, my gran wanted her own daughter to get married in Mold Church (but she didn't) so she loved the fact we wanted to marry there


Our day was full of more surprises .... Surprise wedding singers, who acted as our waiters, wound up our guests, argued each other then as one dramatically threw his tray of cuttlery on the floor and stormed out, they burst out into song getting everyone on their feet dancing. It was certainly a talking point...


Some great speeches... 


Some great photos...


My neighbour walking our dog to meet us at the church..


Not to forget some escapee cows trying to join the party...


The best day of my life, where I married my best friend and husband I could ever imagine possible, in the best wedding venue!