I'm never one for research, so I usually turn up at places and be overwhelmed or disappointed. Lindisfarne was one of those nice surprises; bigger than we expected with lots to do and very photogenic.


Although we coudn't visit the Castle which is closed for 2 years for maintenance and repair, there was still plenty to see and do. We chose not to pay (£8) to have a look around  the priory and still managed to easily fill 3 hours getting in plenty of walking and exploring. With the island only accessible via a causeway at low tide, make sure you check tide times so as not to get stranded.


We started with a walk around the church which provides a great view of the priory and made our way down towards the harbour, along the road to the castle. The views along the path were amazing, both back towards the mainland and across the beach towards the castle.


The upturned boats which are now used for storage were a nice addition, along with the mounds of stones that previous visitors have created.


Many families were exploring the lime kilns still in tact from decades ago allowing  the kids to crawl in and explore. Milo thought he would join in to see what the fuss was about.


A fantastic day out in all, and nothing like I expected. We will definitely be returning once the castle has undergone it's maintenance work. 

Recommendations: stop at The Barn at Beal on the other side of the causeway for great food and a fantastic view of the island.