'The Travel Game' & My abroad bucket list

I'm one for lists, always listing what I need to do in work, what needs doing around the house so it's no surprise I have a travel bucket list. In fact, I have 2: one for places I want to visit in the UK, one for abroad.

If you are after some inspiration, or ideas, I have just come across a website 'The Travel Name Game' you put in you first name and it generates 3 places you are most likely to visit. The flight centre have searched their database to discover the cities that are most popularly frequented by British travellers, based on their name. Just a bit of fun and then gives you some interesting facts about those places.

Here are 3 places on my abroad bucket list (although my actual list - a Pinterest board, takes me about 5 days to scroll through from top to bottom because I'm so inspired by beautiful pictures)


photo by @living_europe

photo by @living_europe

Originally, this place was on the list purely because I liked the pictures on Instagram. But after some research, it's more than just 'Good looking'.

Estonia is larger than Denmark and Holland, but having only 1.4 million residents, it's one of the least populated counties in Europe. Great news for nature! Approx 50% of Estonia is forest, home to brown bears, deers, wolf's but also meaning it's a great place to explore, to get out in the fresh air and be free!



Photos by @pilotmadeleine (a must follow)

Photos by @pilotmadeleine (a must follow)

To me, Santorini is the picture of a relaxing and romantic holiday made even more inviting with it's luxory hotels and greek cuisine (whats not to love about cheese and wine).

I love how the buildings are built into the cliffs looking over the blue sea, Imagine the sunsets they have! The only thing that made me unsure about visiting was the fact is looks beautiful, but is there anything to do? (anyone that knows me will know I can't sit still for long). For anyone wondering the same here's a list:

  • Visit the town of Mesa Gonia - a ghost town since 1965 which you are now able to visit

  • Visit a live volcano by boat on a day trip

  • Walk (or take a donkey) the towns that tumble down the hillside

  • Experience the most beautiful sunsets in the world with the 360 views

  • Relax, or snorkel off it's famous beautiful beaches

  • Visit the world class vineyards

  • One of a kind restaurants


I've heard mixed opinions about Venice. Some say it's romantic and they love it, others tell me it stinks and it's dirty.... I'd like to see for myself. It was top of my bucket list for yeeeeeeears and after hearing it's slowly dissapearing/sinking, it's back up there in my top 3.


Let me know what's on your bucket list below.

Lauren x