I'm pregnant!!

Yep, how exciting!!

But without putting a downer on this, if any of you have ever had a miscarriage then you may know how I have felt throughout my whole first trimester. I tried not to get too excited, tried to tell myself whatever is meant to be will be and listened to other people's stories.

It's only really since the start of the second trimester I've allowed myself to relax a little more (apart from any niggle that makes me fear the worst). It seems so much more real now I've had the first and second scan and we have found out the sex of the baby. The scans are amazing! I didn't expect baby to look so human like wriggling all over the show. As the nurse went to take a photo, it flipped over onto it's belly - typical PE teacher baby 😊

I'm 21 weeks now and baby and belly are starting to grow a lot! I'm beginning to get more excited about meeting him/her by the day and the nursery is starting to look like a place I wouldn't mind moving in to myself thanks to my sister in law @theordinarylovely (blogging for Great Little Trading Company who have the cutest nursery furniture).

Here's what iv collected so far - I'm a first time mum and literally feel like I know nothing about babies - learning along the way.

hypno birthing

1. Teeny tiny newborn vests (I now realise the days of the week will probably never be looked at and they could possibly go through the whole pack in a day).

2. A hypno birthing book. I've only read the first chapter but have heard lots of positive 

baby booties

3. Teeny tiny boots which I also now realise are a complete waste of money, but they do look cute.


4. The Mamia cot from Aldi - only Β£129.99 and will turn into a bed. A solid piece of furniture - even with my husband building it. I'm really happy with it. We also bought the matching wardrobe which is just perfect with a shelf, 2 hanging rails and a large draw at the bottom.

Nappy caddy

5. I pinched this idea from a friend who has recently had her second child. The 'nappy caddy' is from Amazon and costs Β£8 and is the perfect organiser to keep downstairs to keep nappies, wipes, nappy bags, potions and lotions at bay.

Mother & baby magazine

6. Finally, the mother & baby magazine subscription. It makes my weekend when that magazine lands on my mat - oh how my life has changed. Things i've learnt from it so far:

* You can spend an absolute fortune on things you don't really need. 

* A baby can pee at 6mph and if it's a boy, there's no controlling what direction that thing aims in. 

* Breast feeding hurts like a mother!! (Is giving birth not enough?) 

Please leave any tips below for the mother that knows nothing :)

Lauren x

pregnancy announcement