Stocking up on handcreams for winter

When I say stocking up, I mean collecting together all of the hand creams I have collected around my house.

Most have been gifts, some purchased whilst out when I realise I've forgotten one, but before my sort out I had one in pretty much every bag and every coat pocket. Let's face it once bought, these things last FOREVER. 

I love a good handcream! I work outside so my hands quite often feel dry and look like an 80 year olds quite quickly.  Below is an honest review of just some I have collected. Here's what I look for in order of preference:

  1. Texture/feel: I HATE a greasy hand cream. Or anything greasy including face cream, lip balm, body oil (vom). I like a hand cream that soaks in leaving your hands pretty dry but moisturised... not sticky!
  2. Scent: A nice scent gets a thumbs up from me; something fresh or relaxing.
  3. Price: Jo Malone is dreamy but let's face it, not many people can afford to spend £40 on hand cream. Although, now that I have admitted they do last forever, I may one day treat myself.

Clarins - Hand and nail treatment cream 

Ok so this one is quite pricey but it's for 100ml and it's well worth it in my opinion. This one lives in my bedside table and I use it every night when I find my hands get the most dry. It softens the cuticles and strengthens nails whilst leaving your hands soft and smelling fresh.

Clarins hand cream
  • Texture: Quite thick but soaks right in leaving you with soft hands.
  • Scent: A subtle fresh orangey smell. This is the original but I have seen 'Clarins white tea leaf' and 'Fig leaf' available.
  • Price: £21/100ml

Heathcote & Ivory - Vintage & Co

If there was a prize for most appealing to the eye, this one would win. I love the floral pattern and it comes in a cute tin which I now use to keep hair bobbles/pins in, a great gift! 

heathcote & ivory hand cream
  • Texture: Definately moisturises the skin but leaves them a little bit sticky
  • Scent: Smells AMAZING: Bergamot, pink pepper and rose!
  • Price: £10/100ml

Soap & Glory: Hand Food

I actually have 4 of these, 3 unused. It's one of those gifts I get every year but clearly can't work my way through them fast enough. It's a bit big for a handbag and I never remember to put any on in the house. For me, applying hand cream seems to be an out and about or before bed activity.

Hand food hand cream
  • Texture: Soaks in fast leaving hands feeling rehydrated instantly but that sticky feeling is there. I think i'm pehaps just really picky. If you can stand lip balm & body oil, this is probably nothing.
  • Scent: A sweeter scent than the others: macademia oil and marshmellow.
  • Price: £5.50/125ml

L'Occitane: Dry skin hand cream

I got this one as a pack of 3, (the other 2 yet to be found). They are the perfect size for me as a lover of shoving it in your handbag and apply whilst exploring. This one has won 'Best Hand Cream' for 4 years, great for people with alleries as they strive to use natural products only.

L'occitane hand cream
  • Texture: These state they are for dry skin and the cream feels thicker than the other but soaks in nicely.
  • Scent: Shea butter base lightly scented with honey, sweet almond and a hint of jasmine and ylang-ylang. 
  • Price: £8/travel size 10ml

The Body Shop: Coconut hand cream

So even after starting to write this review, I BOUGHT ANOTHER ONE! I think I have a problem, but this is my new favourite! I was buying a gift for my sisters birthday and couldn't not treat myself. I LOVE coconut, it reminds my of holidays and being on a beach. I have the body shop nourishing body cream which I use on a daily basis.

  • Texture: Perfect, leaves my hands feeling soft
  • Scent: coconutty perfection
  • Price: £5/30ml

Comment your favourites below! but don't make them sound too good or they will be taking over my house!